We use methodologies and tools specially adapted for disruptive technologies. We can help you in many steps of yours projects:

  • Vision definition
  • Need analysis
  • Use cases
  • Proof of concept
  • Solution benchmarking
  • Roadmap definition

Some special services we offer:

Blockchain reality Proof:
Thinking about a blockhain project? Hire us for the “Blockchain reality Proof”.
A lot of Myths exist about the blockchain/distributed ledgers, their uses and their real potentials. Let’s see if it is the best tool for the job. Better find it at the beginning of the project, right?

Disruptive Brainstorming:
We can help you think about how disruptive technologies can help to improve the value of your companies and better help your customers. Following your industry, the technologies you want to uses and the culture of your organization, we can find the best people and create the best context for a creative and productive brainstorming.

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