The Blockchain: Trust, magic and guaranteed success

Allow real time settlement between financial institutions; stop counterfeiting, make companies/organizations more transparent, egalitarian and fairer; restore a real democracy, end poverty; stop global warming and wars… and much more!

You have a problem, we have the solution: The Blockchain.

But what really is The Blockchain?

We can see The Blockchain as a box. In this box you can put any problem. Once the problem is inside the box, you shake it, you scream around loudly that you are using The Blockchain and do some magical incantations.

Wait a bit… and Kaboum! Your problem is solved!

Blockchain is magic!

Of course to make the magic possible, you need the formula:

  • Define the problem in the most general and vague way possible or even better create a problem that your company/customers don’t even have,
  • Don’t define any KPI or expected results. The Blockchain knows better than your business what to do,
  • Blockchain is magic, and magic never fails: so put a maximum of money and resources into the project. The more you put the better it will be,
  • Send an email with a link to a blockchain article to the whole company/organisation. Put in the project team those who answer with sentences like: “It’s amazing”, “that’s going to be huge, it will change the world”, “the coffee machine would have probably worked this morning if it was on the blockchain”.
  • Avoid people that refer to The blockchain as a technology or a tool. The team has to be 100% convinced by the power of The Blockchain. A bit of skepticism could make the magic fail!
  • If nobody answer your email, choose the guy in charge of the database.
  • If someone dare to say something like “Are you sure you need to use a blockchain to do that??” fire him. He doesn’t deserve to work with The Blockchain.
  • Be sure that nobody is directly in charge of the project( DAO spirit)
  • Very important: Once you have a team working on The Blockchain (or even before) let the world know.
  • Be proud when you speak about it! It’s The Blockchain we are talking about! The more people you convert to The Blockchain the happier she is (I imagine The Blockchain as a girl, but it’s probably ok too if you see it as a guy).
  • Sprinkle the project with other buzz words( Artificial intelligence, IOT, Big data, etc): you will multiply the effect!
  • When you speak about your project, don’t break the magic. Just say: “we are solving xxxxx with The Blockchain”. Don’t give too much detail. (if you have respected the formula, you should not be able to explain the problem you are solving anyway)

Happy Blockchain project!


PS: this post is made with a lot of sarcasms, but also some truth (inspired from real situations). I believe that blockchain technology is a true innovation and could be a real game changer (as bitcoin is). But I also believe that it is just a tool. As any tools, it could be good for some situations and pretty bad for others. As a tool it has to be understood and use in a good way.

So if it seem familiars, and you want to avoid the embarrassments that magic can cause some times, you may want to hire us to pass the Blockchain reality check”!

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